Reynolds Family History in North Essex A small site devoted to the Reynolds family history from in and around North Essex in England.

Welcome to the Reynolds Family!

The reynolds family Crest I have traced my family history from the present day back to 1711, to the marriage of James Reynolds of Little Bardfield; Essex and Susannah Wood of Little Sampford.

From that date; back to when records began in the 1500's, I have searched the records of all available churches in Essex up to 1750 and recorded all entries for Reynolds births deaths and marriages. I am continuing to search these records after 1750 and am regularly updating these pages.

All my notes are available on this site for the Reynolds ancestry in Essex, as is my Reynolds family history. You may find that you are related to someone in my tree. If so, I have birth certificates and death certificates for most close family from the 1830's; when they began to be issued.

I am continuing this search and regularly updating these records. I have many of the microfisches, but the records are now being digitalized and are steadily becoming available on line.

I have also entered all my findings on a database for quick searches, and am willing to make any Reynolds searches on request.

Ongoing Work

Churches in Essex

I am currently continuing though the records for all the churches that have been digitalized.

I am updating this site regularly and am adding the details to the database. (This makes it very easy for me to search names of parents; children; burials etc):

When the whole county records are completed, I hope to add this database to this site.


I have made all of my research available for download/viewing at Google Docs.
You can access these documents via the link below Here are a few other useful links for information too:

Contact Me

You can contact me via the online form or directly at:

I look forward to hearing from you but please mark subject as Reynolds Family History, as I tend to delete all e-mails from unknown sources!